Recognition of courses

Recognitions are regulated in the Universitätsgesetz §78. Academic achievements from other studies or from other universities can be recognized for a study program if there are no significant differences with regard to the acquired competences (learning outcomes).

General Information: 

  • Recognition can only be submitted by means of a formal application.
  • Recognition for examinations, other coursework, activities and qualifications completed BEFORE admission must be applied for by the end of the second semester of the study program at the latest.
  • Recognized courses must be used for finishing the degree.
  • Information on formal and content-related criteria can be found on the website of the Büro Studienpräses.


Before submitting the application it is recommended that you discuss the possible recognitions with the responsible director of Studies (SPL).

You must submit an application for recognition and you will need the following documents:

  • Completed recognition form with markings (fill-in aid) for the courses. You can find the respective recognition form for your degree program below or on the "Forms" page of the respective degree program.
  • Current student record sheet (can be printed out via U:SPACE)
  • Transcript of records (for recognition of examinations completed at the University of Vienna); printable via U:SPACE
  • Certificates in original (or certified transcript) and copy, for examinations not taken at the University of Vienna. For documents in foreign languages (except English), certified translations must also be enclosed.

You can send us these documents by e-mail via your university e-mail address or submit them in printed form to the SSC during opening hours.

Forms for Recognition:

Recognition vs. Assignment


The positive completed course is not yet entered in the record of examination of the current study program and must be recognized (e.g. from a parallel study program at the University of Vienna or courses from closed or completed studies (at foreign universities)).


The positive completed course is already entered in the record of examination of the current study program, for example in the module of interest, and must be reassigned. This must be carried out by the SSC before graduation. Write an e-mail to the SSC - no application is necessary!

Recognition by Recognition Ordinance

A recognition ordinance is a standardized regulation for the recognition of defined courses of one study program for courses of another study program, e.g. when transferring to a new curriculum.
Affected students receive information in advance as to which recognitions are possible.
No notification is issued for recognitions that take place in the course of recognition ordinances.

The following recognition regulations are currently in force for the directorate of studies 26 - Physics (only available in german):

Recognition of professional and non-professional qualifications

Other professional or non-professional qualifications can be recognized after validation of the learning outcomes up to a maximum of 60 ECTS.

You can find more information on the website of the Büro Studienpräses.