Master's Programme Physics (066 876)

The curriculum is available here (in English).

The minor change of the curriculum can be found here (in German).

The teaching language is english. 

If you have any questions about the Master's Programme Physics, please contact Assoz. Prof. Dr. Paul Winkler, Privatdoz.



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Facts & Figures

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The graduates of the Master's program in Physics at the University of Vienna are able to observe complex phenomena in nature and technology experimentally and to describe them theoretically-mathematically or to simulate and model them computer-aided.  They have advanced knowledge and master the modern research methods of their field.  Due to their well-founded scientific education as well as their ability to think analytically trained in research practice, graduates are able to work independently and methodically and to develop problem-solving competence in various fields.  The job profile of physicists is accordingly broad and includes activities at universities and non-university research institutions, in industry (research and development, management), in the health sector, in the public sector and in service companies (banks, insurance companies, management consultancy). In their professional activities, the graduates also benefit from the knowledge of English practised in research.


Master Class Mathematical Physics

Within the master studies Physics, the Master Class Mathematical Physics offers courses in the intersection between Mathematics and Physics.