Information for prospective students for degree programmes with entrance exam procedure

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If you need more information you can ask for it via the contact form (topic: "Admission/Aptitude Procedures for Bachelor/Diploma Studies).

Information for Beginners in the Summer Semester 2021 - Registration Phase Summer Semester 2021

Dear students!

I would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Physics. Due to the special situation, the course offerings will be largely digital in order to support all students in the best possible way in achieving their study goals. The only exceptions are the laboratory courses and the course "Introduction to Experimental Working (EEA)", which will take place in the presence mode under the strict safety and hygiene measures (2m distance, FFP2 mask wearing obligation, disinfection, disposable gloves). The instructors are currently planning their teaching in detail and will announce all information about the procedure in u:find.

With the following information I would like to contribute to a successful start of your studies:
  1. StEOP preparation courses for beginners in the summer semester 2021: Since the two StEOP modules StEOP1 and StEOP2 are not fully offered in the summer semester, you have the possibility to attend the two courses 260144 "Preparatory course StEOP 1 for beginners" and 260040 "Preparatory course StEOP 2 for beginners" to accompany the independent preparation of the material of the StEOP module exams.
  2. The registration period for exam-immanent (pi) courses has started on 01.02.21 at 07:00am and ends on 22.02.21 at 07:00am. Note that timely registration in u:find is required for participation in pi courses. Registrations after the deadline are not possible, lecturers can only register students who are already on the waiting list at the kick-off class, if places become available, without exception.
  3. Preregistration for all other pi courses will use the preference system. More information can be found at this link.
  4. Information of any kind on course and exam registration can be found at:
  5. Attendance in digital form is required at the kick-off classes for pi courses. Students who are absent without excuse will be deregistered by the lecturers and the seats that become available will be given to students on the waiting list.
  6. The deadline for deregistration from pi courses is on 26.03.2021 11:59pm. Note that instructors will grade all students registered after the deregistration deadline according to the course modalities (see u:find).
  7. Exams in the summer semester 2021: Please note the registration and deregistration deadlines according to u:find. With the exception of a few face-to-face exams, the course examinations, module examinations and partial performance assessments in pi courses will be implemented digitally. Please observe the temporary regulations of the statutes (especially § 13a-g) as well as the general conditions for digital examinations. During the face-to-face exams, the applicable COVID-19 hygiene rules and rules of conduct are to be observed.
  8. Applicable regulations if students cannot attend courses/exams on site: Students who demonstrably belong to a special group according to § 13c of the Statutes on Study Law are entitled to a different offer, e.g. a separate examination room or a digital examination format. For this purpose, you must contact the responsible examiners at least 7 days before the examination date. In the event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. sudden quarantine, closure of the care facility/school), you can notify the examiner at the latest three days before the examination date. This also applies in full to partial performance in pi courses.
  9. Registration for lectures is also possible in u:find and strongly recommended in any case before the beginning of the semester, because this will automatically give you access to the corresponding Moodle pages, which are used by the lecturers in many ways (communication, learning materials, synchronous digital teaching units).
  10. Your contact persons are the SSC Physics team and the team of the Directorate of Studies.

The start of studies is a great challenge in this special situation. Use the (digital) learning materials provided to prepare for the synchronous teaching units (inverted classroom method); take advantage of the opportunities to ask questions (in the synchronous teaching units, in the (asynchronous)  question hours offered in the digital tutorials); actively participate in the synchronous teaching units; take advantage of the tutorials offered.

Best regards,
Kerstin Hummer

Office hours of the Director of Studies Physics

If you have any questions, concerns, etc. please contact the responsible SPL's by mail.Appointments can be arranged via video conference or in person.

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