Doctoral Programme in Natural Sciences and in Technical Sciences in the field of Natural Sciences at the Faculty of Physics (796 605 411)

…is a research-based degree aimed at graduate students interested in carrying out research in experimental, theoretical or computational physics. You are expected to carry out your own independent research in either of the following key research areas:

Dissertation projects at the Faculty of Physics

In addition, you are expected to successfully pass courses with a total of 24 ECTS within the anticipated duration of the doctoral programme of 6 semesters. Please see the curriculum for more information.

As a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Physics you will be part of a vibrant research environment. You are invited to join a great variety of seminars, colloquia and discussion meetings held at the Faculty of Physics and to interact with the respective guest speakers. You are highly encouraged to present your research at national and international conferences and to actively pursue your professional and personal development.

If you have any questions, please contact the Deputy director dissertation topic physics: Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Pichler.

Doctoral Programme at the Faculty of Physics at a Glance

At the Faculty of Physics we offer you the opportunity to become part of topical colleges and/or international research platforms with additional benefits. Particular application procedures apply. Please visit the individual project websites:

VDSP - Vienna Doctoral School in Physics

DC AFM - Doctoral College Advanced Functional Materials

DK CoQuS - Vienna Doctoral Program on Complex QUantum Systems

DK PI - Doktoratskolleg Particles and Interactions

Ablauf Doktoratsstudium

Doctoral Studies Programme

Checklist for starting successfully into the doctorate/PhD

General information on doctoral education at the University of Vienna

For general information on starting your PhD at the University of Vienna, on the PhD process (entry phase, research phase and final phase) and on support for PhD students please visit the homepage of the Center for Doctoral Studies.


International Doctoral Candidates

The University of Vienna welcomes doctoral candidates from all around the world. International applicants can find information on the admission process as well as on arriving and living in Vienna here.

The Orientation Guide for International PhD Candidates provided by the Center for Doctoral Studies can be downloaded here.




All forms can be downloaded from the homepage of the Center for Doctoral Studies.


The curriculum for doctoral studies in natural sciences and technical sciences in the field of natural sciences can be found here.