Examination dates

Information regarding the procedure for digital examinations at the Directorate of Studies Physics

Examinations are crucial to assess achivements during a study programme. They should provide information on whether skills and study objectives according to the curriculum have been achived. Different types of courses require differentiated ways of performance. Which achivements and how they have to be performed, is communicated in the course directory (u:find).
The change during the summer term 2020 from examinations only on-site to digital examinations does not change anything regarding the necessary independent performance. Though, the framework for holding the examinations changed substentially. These changes are based on the regulation "Regelungen zu Lehrveranstaltungen und Prüfungen" of 13.05.2020 https://mtbl.univie.ac.at/storage/media/mtbl02/2019_2020/2019_2020_97.pdf.

The framework for the Directorate of Studies Physics can be found here (in German): Information sheet

Problems with the registration for examinations

You would like to register on u:space for an examination, but it does not work?

You can try the following:

  • Please make sure to use u:find for all examination registrations!
  • Make sure to register for the correct lecture/module examination.
  • Make sure the registration period is not yet closed. For this purpose open the examination on u:find. Above the button "Register/Deregister for this exam" you can find the information until when you can de-/register.
  • Empty the cache of your browser and try again.
  • Change from your smartphone to your desktop or laptop and try again.
  • Change your browser (e.g. Firefox instead of Chrome) and try again.

Should a registration still not be possible, then immediately contact the SSC Physics within the registration period.

If the registration deadline passed, a registration is NOT possible even through instructors, the Studies Directorate, or the SSC Physics.

Lecture examination or module examination?

Students in the old bachelor's and master's curriculum 2011 have to register for LECTURE EXAMINATIONS.

Students in the new bachelor's curriculum 2018 need MODULE EXAMINATIONS, starting with the 3. semester.

Students in the new master's curriculum 2018 have to register in the M-CORE modules for the MODULE EXAMINATION.

You can find all dates for lecture examinations and module examinations as well as their de-/registration deadlines and the possibility for de-/registration on u:find.

New feature for registration for examinations

Starting with the winter term 2019/20, the registration for some examinations of the physics studies will be provided in a new design in u:space.

The registration for examinations of other studies will still proceed as usual and the replacement will only happen gradually over the coming semesters.


Important: Please make sure to use u:find for all examination registrations!