Information regarding co-registration of courses at other universities

The Directorate of Studies ceases the service to offer courses from other universities with an external lectureship also at the Faculty with the winter term 2021/2022.

This affects the following courses:

  • Statistical methods of data analysis/Statistische Methoden der Datenanalyse (TU Wien)
  • Astro-Particle Physics (TU Wien)
  • Physics at the LHC: Measurement of the Higgs and Searches for Supersymmetry (TU Wien)
  • Complex Systems I & Exercises to Complex Systems I (MedUni Wien)
  • Complex Systems II & Exercises to Complex Systems II (MedUni Wien)

Still, these courses can be taken by students of the faculty with a co-registration.
Students with a valid admission to a programme at the University of Vienna ("home university") can complete courses at another Austrian university through co-registration. For this purpose, you have to file an application for co-registration at the respective university including the pre-approval by the Directorate of Studies Physics.

The formalities for a co-registation differ at the universities, hence you should first inquire about it at the university the co-registration is planned.

Information for the co-registration:

Information for co-registration at the University of Vienna:

For this purpose, it is necessary to file an application for co-registration (form in German) at the University of Vienna including a pre-approval by the department responsible for student affairs. The process is handled by the Servicedesk of the University of Vienna ( → Services of the Admission Office/Dienstleistungen der Studienzulassung → Leave of absence and co-registration/Beurlaubung und Mitbelegung → Application for co-registration/Antrag auf Mitbelegung eines Studiums). Detailed informationen regarding this can be found here: