Mobility Programmes

The International Office serves as an information hub and service facility in the field of internationalisation and international relations at the University of Vienna. It supports and advises members of the university in all international agendas, in particular in relation to requests for bilateral cooperation projects. The International Office is also involved in the implementation of the internationalisation strategy of the University of Vienna.

In close collaboration with the faculties the International Office designs and promotes programmes for internationalisation (higher education projects, international teaching, mobility programmes) for students, academics, scientists and general staff. The primary task of the International Office is the management of mobility programmes that prepare students to be globally competent.

Outgoing students

If none of the mobility programmes for master or doctoral students are suitable for you, keep in mind that your supervisors may have international relations that could enable you to spend time abroad.

Please note the following responsibilities when applying online for the Learning Agreement with Erasmus+:

Bachelor Physics: Associate Prof. Dr. Erhard Schafler (

Master Physics: Assoz. Prof. Dr. Paul Winkler, Privatdoz. (

Bachelor and Master Teacher Education Physics: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Hopf (

Master Computational Science: Assoz. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Kerstin Hummer (


Incoming students

Mobility programmes for students who would like to spend part of their studies at the University of Vienna.


Mobility Coordinator at the Faculty of Physics:

Jürgen Klepp