BEd Physics 198 423 xxx 2 or 198 xxx 423 2

The curriculum is available here (in German).

If you have any questions about the Teacher Accreditation Bachelor Programme, please contact Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Hopf.


The teacher accreditation programme requires an entry examination. Admission to this study programme is only possible if you:

  • have a positive admission letter
  • passed the entrance examination for the academic year in which you want to start to study successfully
  • present evidence of proficiency in German level B2

If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen and can not prove the required proficiency of German, German will be written as a requirement in your letter of admission. You will be admitted as a non-regular student as long as you are attending a German course. (German courses are available at the Language Center of the University of Vienna, at the Orient-Gesellschaft and the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities. Read more here)

As the entrance examinations take place only once a year we strongly advise you to pay attention to the dates of required course attendance, the German test (and other additional tests if required) and the date of the entrance examination!

If non-EU/EEA citizens finish their German course/course for additional exams but have not participated in the entrance examination, they can not be enrolled as a degree programme student. This may cause trouble with their visa.

In order to be admitted to the bachelor's degree in teacher accreditation physics, you must have achieved university entrance standards and successfully participated in the entrance examination. Please read the details here.


The teacher accreditation bachelor's degree in physics at the University of Vienna primarily focuses on the technical and didactic professional qualification for the teaching profession at secondary level. However, the skills acquired in this programme also open up other career prospects in the free economy. Experts for the appropriate transfer of physical and technical knowledge to specific target groups are trained as well in this programme.


Duration and Scope

The workload for the teacher accreditation bachelor's degree is 240 ECTS credits. The planned duration of study is 8 semesters. In addition to physics, you will also study a second subject and the general basics of education.

A bachelor's thesis has to be written in the context of a seminar or laboratory.