Writing the Doctoral Thesis

There are no specific guidelines regarding the length and form of the doctoral thesis. Doctoral theses can be written as monographs or cumulative dissertations (collection of specialist articles). If you write a cumulative dissertation, please indicate your own contribution clearly.

Guideline for cumulative dissertations

Since the use of images in scientific works repeatedly raises questions from a copyright point of view, the Studienpräses provides a checklist on the use of images and the guide for "Considering Copyright in Scientific Works" (both in German).

Assignment of a Thesis to Reviewers

You can assign your thesis to reviewers via the form assignment of thesis to reviewers (SL/D3).

With this form, you can propose three reviewers for the evaluation of your doctoral thesis. To enable an objective evaluation of your doctoral thesis, the proposed reviewers should not be close to your supervisor or workplace/subunit and should not be coauthors of your doctoral thesis.

You also have to submit an abstract (in English and German) for which you can use the template SL/D4 if you want to.

Please also send a CV and a list of publications of each of your proposed external reviewers to the SSC by email.

Information sheet for external reviewers

Two of the three proposed external reviewers will be selected.

Formal Requirements for the Doctoral Thesis

Formal requirements for scientific papers (Mitteilungsblatt in German)

Please use the correct title page (template SL/011). The title page, a German and an English summary must be included in every thesis. The thesis must be hard bound and printed on both sides.

Submission of the Doctoral Thesis

The thesis must first be uploaded electronically for plagiarism checking.
Within one week after the upload you need to submit the following documents to the SSC Physics:

  • certificates of all completed courses specified at the doctoral thesis agreement (changes to the doctoral thesis agreement must be recorded in the annual reports)
  • 3 copies of the hardbound doctoral thesis
  • submission of the doctoral thesis (form SL/D6)
  • signed upload confirmation of the electronic submission
  • student record sheet (can be printed out via U:SPACE)
  • letter of admission (if any exists)

If needed: request blockage of the doctoral thesis (form SL/W3) if you requested restricted access for scientific papers during the electronic submission process.

After submission, the doctoral thesis will be sent to the two reviewers, who have 4 months for the evaluation. You will be notified as soon as an evaluation has been submitted.