Public Presentations at the Faculty

General information about the public presentation

Dates for public presentation at the Faculty of Physics

  • 25  September 2024
  • The number of participants is limited. First come, first serve!
  • The registration is possible until the 27 August 2024, 12 o'clock!
  • next date in February 2025

Documents needed for the registration:

The registration takes place only with the submission of all documents!

You can submit all documents electronically via E-Mail!

Recommended Structure of the Research Proposal

  • title, topic and aims of the PhD project
  • research environment (where/with whom)
  • current state of research
  • expected outcome (very general)
  • funding
  • provisional schedule
  • bibliography

Procedure of the Public Presentation at the Faculty

There are several blocks of one major presentation (30 minutes) and two to three student presentations (10+5 minutes). In the major presentation, a doctoral student presents a highlight from his/her ongoing/completed doctoral thesis (independent of the Public Presentation at the Faculty). The student presentations then provide ten minutes to present the PhD project. Afterwards, five minutes of discussion are scheduled.

Recommended Structure of Slides (for 10 slides)

  • (1) Who am I?
  • (2) What is my project?/in what research group/ funding
  • (3) state-of-the-art/previous research
  • (4) preliminary results
  • (5) innovative acpects of the project
  • (6–8) planning of the project, work in the following year
  • (9) expected outcome
  • (10) povisional schedule