Diploma Thesis

The diploma thesis consists of independent work on a current research topic and the writing of a scientific paper. Diploma theses may be supervised by habilitated faculty members. Further possibilities are explained in §15 of the Statute of the University of Vienna.

Since the use of images in scientific works repeatedly raises questions from a copyright point of view, the Studienpräses provides a checklist on the use of images and the guide for "Considering Copyright in Scientific Works" (both in German).

Registration of the Topic

Topic and supervisor of a diploma thesis have to be registered at the SSC before starting the thesis. Please bring the registration form, the confirmation of compliance with good scientific practice and a signed short description of the planned project (research proposal) to the SSC for registration.

Submission of Diploma Thesis

Formal requirements for scientific papers (in German)

  1. Create a PDF document of your thesis (including summary/abstract German/English and the right title page - please comply with the instructions provided here).
  2. Upload your thesis to the plagiarism assessment page HoPla and request restricted access for scientific papers if needed (see below). You will need keywords and an abstract in German and English during the upload process (this abstract does not have to be the same as the abstract in the thesis).
  3. Print out and sign the confirmation you will receive at the end of the process. If everything is OK, you will recieve an automatic email, if there is a problem, you will be contacted personally and will be given further instructions.
  4. Have two copies of the diploma's thesis printed and bound (they must be printed on both sides, hard bound and match the uploaded version - typographical error corrections are not allowed!).
  5. When you bring the two copies of your diploma's thesis to the SSC Physics (within a week after the upload to HoPla), also bring:

What is the difference between access restriction and non-publication on the internet / university publication server?

  • The access restriction means that your thesis is neither available online nor in the library during a certain period of time. To do this, you must request an access restriction when uploading and also complete the access restriction request form. For an access restriction request to be approved, you need an important reason, e.g. patents, agreements with companies or already published articles by publishing houses. A planned publication is no reason for access restriction.
  • If you do not agree to the publication being made available on the university publication server when uploading, your thesis is not available on the Internet. It is, however, available in the library. You can decide at any time whether to make your thesis available online or not.

Title Page Template

Title page (.doc) / title page (.tex) for the diploma thesis and instructions for the title page