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Master's Programme Physics (066 876)

You can find the curriculum here. At the moment it is only available in German.

The programme itself is only partly offered in English. You can get an overview by reading the course directory. Lecturers can sometimes be asked to hold their lecture in English though.

The contact person for the master's programme physics is Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Herwig Peterlik.


Information about admission to the master's programme can be found here. For any further questions please contact the admissions office.


During the master's programme physics students deepen their general knowledge of physics obtained in their bachelor's studies and, by specialization, are introduced to independent scientific work. The research experience gained in preparing the master's thesis enables the graduates to solve complex problems not only in their chosen area of expertise, but also in a broad range of other occupational activities that comprise nonacademic research institutions, industry, business consultancy, and the financial services sector.

Length and workload

The workload of this master's programme is 120 ECTS (= European Credit Transfer System) points. 1 ECTS point equals 25 hours of work including the lectures.

The official length of the programme is 4 semester. This means taking 30 credits each semester, which equals a full time job. It is up to you how many credits you take each semester. If you take longer than 6 semester to complete your studies you might have to pay additional fees.


About tuition fees you can read here. Information about the student life in Vienna you can find here.

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